XI Principles For The Future of Australian Football

Football Australia has released the second and final iteration of the ‘XI Principles for the future of Australian football’ (XI Principles) document following a rigorous and collaborative period of consultation with the national football family.

The XI Principles will provide guidance and influence decision making at Football Australia, with the focus of Football Australia to commence – and in several cases continue – operationalising the proposed measures over the short, medium, and long-term.

The XI Principles takes a holistic view of Australian football and the challenges facing it and will replace the Whole of Football Plan published in 2015. The XI Principles will guide us strategically and operationally as we look to fulfil the bold and innovative 15-year vision that remains from the first edition.”

Football Australia Chief Executive Officer, James Johnson


Pleasingly, Football Australia has either delivered on or commenced enacting numerous proposed measures and interconnected initiatives since the first version of the XI Principles was released in July 2020. These include:

Football Australia will now, in consultation and collaboration with the game’s stakeholders, continue the process of operationalising the XI Principles. The XI Principles will provide the impetus to crystalise ongoing matters and drive a fresh and exciting agenda. This will include developing a unified direction for the game which will speak to the ‘Who’, ‘When’ and the ‘How’. 

The final version of the XI Principles for the future of Australian football can be downloaded below.

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[2] Collective Bargaining Agreement