Football Australia Integrity Framework

Football Australia is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the reputation of football in Australia, and the reputation of Australian football on the world stage. A dedicated integrity framework for football in Australia is an important mechanism for both protecting and enhancing the standards of safety, fairness and conduct for all football participants and stakeholders in Australia.

The regulations, policies and guidelines which underpin Football Australia’s integrity framework include the following:

  1. Football Australia National Anti-Doping Policy
  2. Football Australia National Code of Conduct and Ethics
  3. Football Australia Sports Betting and Match Manipulation Guidelines
  4. Football Australia Member Protection Framework 

The Football Australia Integrity Department manages integrity issues that arise within the sport throughout the country on behalf of Football Australia.  The Integrity Department also works closely with other Football Australia and Competition Administration staff, including medical experts and competition managers at Football Australia, Football Australia’s Member Federations and APL. 

Football Australia also works with a number of external stakeholders in managing integrity threats to football, including Sport Integrity Australia, FA’s integrity partner (Sportradar), FIFA and AFC, national, state and territory law enforcement and other government agencies as well as its approved sports betting providers.

Betting and Match Manipulation Rules 

Football Australia acknowledges gambling on sport is a common activity for many Australian adults which, when undertaken responsibly may be enjoyable. Football is also one of the most popular sports to bet on worldwide.  However, while the betting industry represents a source of funding for the game, it also presents a risk to the integrity to football.  The Football Australia National Code of Conduct and Ethics and the FIFA Code of Ethics impose obligations and restrictions on Players and Officials (such as coaches, referees, medical staff, administrators and volunteers) in relation to betting, misuse of inside information and match manipulation or fixing – including that you must not bet on football matches.

Football Australia National Code of Conduct and Ethics

Clauses 2.8 to 2.11 of the Football Australia National Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code) deal with matters related to betting, match manipulation and corruption.

In relation to betting, clause 2.9 of the Code states as follows:

A Constituent must not, directly or indirectly, participate in any Bet on, or in any way connected to, a Match, Competition or any football related activities.

"Bet” is defined in the Code to mean a wager, lottery, bet or other similar form of speculation for a Benefit, whether financial or otherwise.  A Constituent is deemed to participate in a Bet if they solicit, induce, request, encourage, facilitate or authorise another person to participate in a Bet.

This provision applies to all Constituents, including Players, Officials, Clubs, Competition Administrators and Football Australia Members.

The Matches and Competitions that these people are prohibited from betting on under the Code include all matches played in Australia sanctioned by FA, a Member Federation or Competition Administrator as well as matches and competitions sanctioned by FIFA, AFC or other member associations, federations and governing bodies.  The prohibition also extends to betting on matters connected to these matches and competitions, such as player transfers, appointments of officials and awards.

Constituents should also be aware that misuse of inside information is prohibited under clause 2.11 of the Code, Including using the inside information for betting purposes or disclosing it to other people for a benefit.  Inside information includes confidential information in relation to a Match such as team tactics, team selection and line ups and Match conditions.

In accordance with clause 4.1 of the Code, Constituents must immediately report Ethical Misconduct breaches or any approach by a person to influence the outcome or conduct of a Match to Football Australia.  Reports should be made via Football Australia’s confidential online reporting platform, available at It is a breach of the Code to fail to report these matters.

FIFA Code of Ethics

In addition to being bound by the Football Australia National Code of Conduct and Ethics, all officials and players (as well as match agents and players’ agents) are bound by the FIFA Code of Ethics. The FIFA Code of Ethics addresses a range of matters, including bribery and corruption, as well as prescribing the following in relation to betting and the integrity of matches and competitions in Article 26:

1. Persons bound by this Code shall be forbidden from participating in, either directly or indirectly, betting, gambling, lotteries or similar events or transactions related to football matches or competitions and/or any related football activities.

2. Persons bound by this Code shall not have any interests, either directly or indirectly, in entities, companies, organisations, etc. that promote, broker, arrange or conduct betting, gambling, lotteries or similar events or transactions connected with football matches and competitions.  Interests include gaining any possible advantage for the persons bound by this Code themselves and/or related parties.

The FIFA Code of Ethics also imposes on players and officials a duty of disclosure, cooperation and reporting (see Articles 17 and 18 of the FIFA Code of Ethics).

Reporting Integrity Matters

To report any integrity related matters to Football Australia, please use the confidential online reporting platform at or by calling 1800 571 850.  The Football Australia Integrity Department can also be contacted via email at

General Club and Competition Administrator Resources

Clubs and Competition Administrators – Available below are links to some useful posters that you may want to print off and put up around your Club change rooms and facilities to make participants aware of some of their obligations under the Football Australia National Code of Conduct and Ethics:

Football Australia Integrity - No Betting Poster

Football Australia Integrity – Keep it Confidential Poster

Football Australia Integrity – Play with Integrity Poster

Football Australia Integrity - Recognise, Resist, Report Poster

To obtain high-resolution, print quality versions of these posters, please contact